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Our CEO’s Greeting

To become a company that pursues our customers’ profits by never failing to act as if we were in their shoes.

I am deeply grateful to you all for your patronage of YCM Real Estate International.

As professionals handling real estate of many kinds, we are striving to achieve our aim of becoming a company able to earn the trust of each and every one of our customers, by providing them with advice on the sale and purchase of important real estate, and supporting them in other ways including investment management, lease management after they have purchased property, renovations, and tax declarations, and through our day-to-day consulting services.

Impartial and fair real estate consultants such as YMC dominate this business in Europe and the United States, but area still not well known in Japan.

Talking to our customers in concrete terms and drawing on our company’s accumulated and unique knowledge and experience to give our customers advice rich in detailed content. That is the style of sales conducted by YCM.

We aim to apply the know-how we have built-up through our consulting business to expand our operations to become a pioneer as a leader throughout Japan and in Asia.

We at YCM give our customers complete advice from an impartial position on every aspect of real estate, including the purchase or replacement purchase of condominium apartments, and offering unerring advice that conforms with YCM’s unique manual and tools. We now offer thorough consulting services covering every detail of our business, as for example, we make it our policy to accompany our customers including corporate managers and investors not only from Japan but from China and Asia to check initial contracts and to follow this up with carefully prepared after services.

And above all, with our credo, “Always act from the customers’ perspective” as a principle we keep constantly in our hearts even as the times change, we will do everything in our power to ensure that we constantly meet our customers’ expectations.

I hope that with our customers’ support, we of YCM Real Estate International will be able to “Make our customers’ dreams come true”.
I also pray that we can contribute to society as a company that can stimulate the real estate market around the world, and above all, help support the growth of the Japanese economy.

Please continue to give us even greater support and encouragement in the future.