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YCM’s Promises

We constantly offer no-regrets asset investment services that neither compromise nor allow compromiseWe constantly offer no-regrets asset investment services that neither compromise nor allow compromise

All of us at YCM Real Estate International, both staff and executive personnel,follow “Pursuing true prosperity” as our corporate philosophy, and each and every YCM employee is determined to improve their humanity to express themselves through accumulated hard work and study so they can better serve their customers.

At YCM, we think constantly of daily improvement, maturation, and further growth so we can achieve even more profitable transactions,

by striving to globalize our real estate investment transactions, through tie-ups with overseas agents,and to ensure that we will “never” offer any customer anything but the best proposal,and “never allow” asset investment any customer will regret, we make the eight promises shown below.

YCM’s eight promises

We will constantly act responsibly as members of society and as individual people to improve the lives of our customers.
We will consider matters from our customers’ perspective and will always be at their sides.
We will constantly strive to be kind.
We will strive to courteously address and courteously serve our customers, courteously explain our proposals to them, and courteously deal with all matters which occur.
We will respond promptly to all requests we receive from our customers.
We will make constant efforts to develop our abilities and express ourselves.
We will continue to advance to offer our customers first-class service.
We will respect all people whom we serve, their property, and their feelings.