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Privacy Policy

◯Privacy Policy

YCM respects and complies with laws and the social order to protect personal information and strives to appropriately handle and protect personal information.

1. Obtaining, using, and providing personal information
YCM obtains personal information by legitimate methods, and at the same time publicizes, communicates, and discloses it for the purpose of use, and without the approval of the subject of the information, does not handle the personal information outside the range of the purpose of use. And when YCM provides or discloses personal information to any third party, it does so according to legally prescribed procedures.
2. Purpose of use of personal information
YCM uses personal information it has been given and personal data it possesses for the following purposes.

  • (1)To execute contracts and provide information and services concerning sales, brokerage, leasing, managing and other real estate transactions.
  • (2)To execute contracts and provide information and services concerning real estate that YCM handles.
  • (3)To provide personal information to third parties within the range necessary to achieve the purposes of use in (1) and (2) above.
  • (4)To conduct sales activities and marketing (performing questionnaire surveys, etc.) using postal mail, telephone, or e-mail etc. to provide the information and services in (1) and (2) above. And to conduct customer trend surveys or survey and analysis of product development.

*YCM stops providing information and services, if requested to do so by the subject of the personal information.

3. Providing personal information to a third party
In order to execute contracts and provide post-contract management and maintenance services, YCM provides personal information it possesses, which includes real estate information, names, addresses, and other information required according to the contents of the work, to third parties in writing, as postal mail, by telephone, through the internet, by e-mail, or using other advertising media. YCM stops such provision if requested to do so by the subject of the personal information. However, it may be unable to execute contracts or provide information, services etc. as a result of suspension of provision to third parties.

  • [Examples of third parties provided with information in a sale mediation case]
  • (1) Persons that are the opposite party to an agreement, customers who may enter such contract.
  • (2) Other dealer in land and buildings.
  • (3) Internet advertising placement company, real estate dealer organization.
  • (4) Designated logistics organization.
    (To register property, give notice of conclusion of a contract, to perform business operations using the organization’s data, valuations etc.)
  • (5) Judicial scrivener or land and house investigator performing registration etc.
  • (6) Financial institution providing financing.
  • (7) Management company managing real estate, etc.
  • (8) Construction company performing renovation or interior finishing work of real estate.
  • (9) Credit bureau or real estate research organization.
  • (10) YCM affiliated companies thought to be of use to customers.
4. Safety management system for personal information
YCM operates an adequate safety management system necessary to properly and strictly manage customers’ personal information and to prevent illegal access to this personal information and its loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage, etc.
5. Outsourcing the handling of personal information
When YCM outsources all or part of the handling of personal information it possesses, it takes appropriate measures such as including provisions in the contract obligating thorough control of personal information, prohibiting its provision to another party, and preventing information leakages.
6. Reviewing and improving this policy

As required, YCM will review and improve initiatives taken under this guideline to strengthen its ability to satisfy the demands of laws and regulations and protect personal information.

◯Sales solicitation policies

YCM Real Estate International establishes the following basic policies concerning sales solicitation policies in cases of the sale of products to customers in compliance with the Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Act and the Consumer Contract Law.

We strive to solicit sales according to each customer’s intentions and actual circumstances.

  • ・We strive to appropriately design products and solicit sales while taking care to eliminate moral risk according to each customer’s intentions and actual circumstances.
  • ・We solicit sales of products with a special risk of loss of the principal considering each customer’s reason for purchasing the product, knowledge, experience, state of assets, age etc.
  • ・We strive to plan contents of explanations and explanation methods and appropriately solicit sales in order that customers correctly understand the contents of the products.
We strive to creatively solicit sales according to the form of solicitation.

  • ・We solicit sales fully considering the time and place of the solicitation from the customer’s perspective.
  • ・To sell productions and services without directly interviewing the customer, we devise innovative explanation methods and strive to gain the customer’s understanding.
We do our best to handle customer information.
・We do everything we possibly can to manage our customers’ information in order to protect their privacy.
We strive to comply with all laws and regulations to solicit sales appropriately.
・We comply with the Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Act, the Consumer Contract Law, the Anti-monopoly Act and other laws and strive to solicit sales appropriately. We also work to complete internal management systems in order to be able to solicit sales appropriately.
When an accident has occurred, we strive to respond appropriately.
・We strive to respond quickly and impartially when an accident has occurred.
We strive to increase the satisfaction of our customers.
・We collect the diverse views of our customers and refer to them to conduct future sales solicitation, consultations, and services. We have a complete on-the-job training system we use to train employees who our customers can depend on.
Consultations and requests
・If you wish to consult with us or make any requests regarding our sales solicitation or have noticed anything in this regard you wish to report, contact us as outlined below.
Contact us at:
YCM Real Estate International Co., Ltd.
Address: 3F DIA Building, 2-13-4 Azabu-juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0045
Exclusive customers’ toll-free number: 0120-07-4444